Husband or child?

Today it's time for another round of that exciting game! You've all played it! That's right:

It's time to play HUSBAND OR CHILD! That exciting adventure where you walk into an awful mess and have to guess who made it! Let's get started.

ROUND #1: You finally get to take your once-a-day bathroom break, and upon sitting down, you discover the toilet seat is wet! Who did it? HUSBAND OR CHILD?

After you clean off your rear end and the toilet, and wash your hands, you exit the bathroom and discover the culprit! A wet and naked two-year-old. If you guessed CHILD, you were right! Give yourself a point! You get two points if said child also clogged the sink with toilet paper and left the water running until it overflowed! Congratulations!

ROUND #2: You find banana smashed all over the carpet! And you discover this by stepping on it! Who did it? HUSBAND OR CHILD?

After scrubbing the banana out of the carpet and collecting the peels off of the couch, bookcase and window sill, you discover a 6 year old eating the rest of the banana, sitting next to her father! If you guessed CHILD, give yourself a point! If you guessed HUSBAND, give yourself a point also! If you keep your cool and kindly encourage your child to clean up the banana, and sweetly remind your husband of the eat-at-the-table rule give yourself two more points!

ROUND #3: You discover muddy footprints on the stairs! Who did it? HUSBAND OR CHILD?

Upon arriving at the top of the stairs, you see a naked two-year-old wearing muddy shoes! If you guessed CHILD, give yourself a point!

A moment later, your husband comes out of the bathroom, wearing muddy shoes also! You ask him why he is wearing his shoes upstairs, and he replies that he "didn't know we were inforcing that rule."! Even though it is common sense that it is not a good idea to wear muddy shoes throughout the house! And even though he knows you have to work hard to keep up with the children who are actually children! And that you are not his mother! And we all know he is not going to clean it up! If you guessed HUSBAND, give yourself a point! If you don't strangle him with your bare hands, give yourself another point!

Congratulations! You are an expert at HUSBAND OR CHILD!

A few thoughts about Thomas Jefferson Education

A while back, there was as spot on the news about homeschooling and TJEd. I'm too lazy to find it and link to it, but the jist of it was that TJEd family HURRY HURRY HURRY through "conventional" schooling to GET IT DONE as fast as possible. I felt like they totally missed the point when they were talking about TJEd. All they wanted to focus on was "getting it done faster" so we can enjoy other things. I don't think that is the point of TJEd at all.

I think the point is slowing down, individualizing expectations and experiences, "so we can enjoy EVERYTHING!" On the coneyorbelt, there is the idea that learning is drugery, and you do it because someone forces you (in some sense of the work force), and only when it is tedious drugery can it be counted as learning. And ONLY when you slog through the drugery may you do something you enjoy, which is NOT valuable and is NOT learning.

TJEd-minded folks disagree. It's ALL learning, this WHOLE life, whether one is digging in the dirt for worms or building a tower with legos or reading a book (or being read TO) or working together as a family or working HARD ALL DAY LONG to painstakingly write out invitations for one's birthday party (a certain pre-reading 6 year old did this yesterday at our home!) or caring for another person or sitting quietly and THINKING! on and on... TJEd-ers think of all these experiences as opportunities for learning, important learning, all of it.

It isn't about keeping up or getting ahead by conveyorbelt standards. To be perfectly honest, my kids (all under the age of 7) are probably "behind" in certain areas when one uses that measuring stick. But in REALITY, they are NOT behind. They simply right where they are meant to be.

How liberating to be ALLOWED to just BE. To be who we are--today, right now. To know that it's OK to be me and for my children to be themselves. To follow our innate love of learning to better ourselves based on our talents, abilities and interests, not to keep up with someone else, or to be constantly measuring up what someone else tells us we need to be, but just to BE, to be ourselves and having those expectations and directions for our lives come from within (or from on high, wherever you believe inspiration comes from,) and to be led down the individualized path that best prepares us for our mission in life.

Have you been liberated from the conveyorbelt yet?


If we are fighting this war to "fight them OVER THERE, so we don't have to fight them here," why do we think it's okay to destroy another nation to create that away-from-home-battlefield to fight our enemies?

Baby Ruth

Baby Girl Rice came a week earlier than planned (that made her 2 weeks early!) Shortly after I left my Richard Peck writing workshop, I went into labor. (We all know Richard Peck is a master of many things, but who knew he had a labor-inducing affect on pregnant women? He has powers far greater than any of us dreamed!)

Baby Girl Rice weighed 8 lb 8 oz, plenty big and ready to be born! C-section went as planned, however, that is not the way to have a baby, if you have any other choice. It only took us one day to come up with a name this time: Ruth Elizabeth. She just looks like a little Ruthy.

 She's now 7 days old, and my apologies to those of you who may have children, but this is truly the cutest baby on the planet.